was a new business that sat neglected because the owner purely did not have the time to run it or learn the skills needed to grow it. The business’ product was in New York City, while the owner was on the road for his full-time job and he needed help running day-to-day operations, web design, new product and new customer acquisition. 
Coming into this in 2014, I never thought it would teach me as much as it has. I did many things that I would have never gotten exposure to otherwise. The website was originally hosted and run with a GoDaddy Shopping Cart. After learning very quickly how dated the site looked and convincing the client of the importance of an updated and modern website to gain the trust of customers, I migrated the website to the Shopify platform where it currently exists. I maintain the overall look of the site as well as the branding associated with it and all social media outlets. I am also responsible for generating new and relevant content for the blog as well as sourcing or creating new product for the store.
I expanded the marketing of the clients product onto eBay and Etsy as well as set up integrations with popular drop shipping companies, The Printful and Printify. I pushed for the expansion of the company into social media and championed the venture into Pinterest as one of the first businesses to offer Buyable Pins. This channel alone accounts for over 75% of the new customer acquisitions. Ever growing customer base and income are also contributed to Dynamic advertising with Google, Facebook, and Instagram as well as shopping campaigns, Remarketing, Adsense ads, and extensive customer based research.
I think I can let the numbers do the talking for how effective this process has been. In the first 7 months of 2016 in comparison to all of 2015 we have seen a 1200% increase in the amount of page views that ONLY the website has seen. (Does not include Social Media) On top of that increase we saw decrease of 97% in our Bounce Rate, meaning that more and more people were staying on our website after landing there. Add to those great numbers: an email list growth of 600% and some email campaign open rates as high as 78%. Best of all, had an overall growth in sales by 655% over 2015 and is on track for the same growth in 2017.
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